Accelerated Resolution Therapy in Connecticut

EBH offers accelerated resolution therapy in Connecticut, a specialized therapy that is especially effective in treating PTSD. The problem with trauma is that depression and anxiety are connected to visual memory, and talk therapy does not fully address this underlying issue. The therapist begins by doing a series of hand-eye movements to calm the client. The therapist then does the movements again and, this time instructs the client to let the traumatic event play out visually.

The therapist then does the eye movements again to calm the client down. Next is the best part, so like a dream, no rules apply. The client is able to change the memory how they would like, such as going back and helping themselves out of the situation that occurs in the negative memory. The therapy is not completed until the client is asked what memory comes to mind, and only the positive memory is recalled with no anxiety or depression.

Many people have a number of traumatic memories. This typically requires repeating the trauma treatment process, but therapists have found it goes very smoothly after you have successfully resolved one of the past memories.